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Understanding Financial Independence

finance Mar 20, 2019

Do you ever take time to visualize what you want in life?

I am talking about really visualizing EVERYTHING down to the detail. Where you live, what you do, with who you do it with, what car you drive, what house you live in, the looks, the smells, the feelings you experience living that lifestyle.

Well, you can have all of that and more if you are willing to put in the work and set yourself up for financial independence.

I do this almost every night and I can tell you there is extreme power in visualization and affirmations (something we will dive into in a later sauce).
There are some common misconceptions about financial freedom.
The most common one has to do with networth. Let me just tell you, there are tons of multi-millionaires that are not financially free.

People always say: "I want to be a millionaire."

Do you know what almost everyone means when they say that? They want a cool lifestyle.

Guess what builds a cool lifestyle? Income. Specifically, income that exceeds your...

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The Wealth Funnel

finance Mar 20, 2019

"It's not your fault if you are born poor. But it is your fault if you die poor"

In the last weekly sauce, we discussed income. Specifically, we spoke about the four different types of income from the cashflow quadrant. Income is great if you know what to do with it that is.

In this sauce, we are going to speak about wealth creation. You know the saying: "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer"? There is a lot of truth to that statement. One of the main reasons for that is based on the choices people that are financially disempowered make with their income. Let me explain...

Why The Poor Get Poorer

The poor get poorer because they buy things and stuff with their income. The rich get richer because they buy income producing assets with their income. It is as simple as that.

Everyone is currently where they are at financially for a reason. Whether we like it or not, our life is the summation of all of the choices and decisions we have made up until this point. So, if we are not...

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