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Budgeting Like A Boss

money Mar 20, 2019

"You are either going to be controlled by money or control money"

If you are new to the weekly sauce, the mission of these short practical notes is to empower you to fire your boss and hire your passion.

The vast majority of people go through the motions, living an uninspiring life and a crap lifestyle because of one thing: MONEY.

So ask yourself: If money wasn't an issue, what would you be doing RIGHT NOW?

What kind of lifestyle do you want to live?

What needs to happen to make that lifestyle a reality?

The answer to that question, is the goal of the weekly sauce.

Each and every week, I strive to provide you practical advice in order to help get you on track to living an inspiring lifestyle.

With that being said, this weekly sauce is all about budgeting, but not your mothers method of budgeting.

Screw a budget.

The word budget is uninspiring. I never use the word unless I am trying to describe money management to someone.

When you say: "I can't buy that, it's not in the budget."...

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